I Haven’t Always Smiled…

This picture is of a Facebook status I posted some time ago. Receiving 8 likes, the following are eight facts about me that people wouldn’t know about me by looking at me or through social media. Enjoy!
Fact #1
For most of my middle school years I was on the brink of committing suicide. From my identity issues to family  stress to just falling into a state of depression, at that point in my life death seemed like the more beneficial alternative.

Fact #2
I #ENJOY women. Yes I did say enjoy. Most are under the assumption that I identify as gay because of what they assume based on my  presentation. I #enjoy certain types of women. #studs

Fact #3
I was hit by a car at the age of 9, receiving 25 stitches in the back of my head.

Fact #4
My sexual experience more so derives from during my depressive high school years of licentious behavior.

fact 7 licentious2

Fact #5
I decreased my drinking when I realized it had taken control of my life. I then replaced alcoholism with self-love, self-fullness, H20 and spiritual enlightenment. I still sip every now and again but now I have the CONTROL.

Fact #6
I never feel the need to ask for an apology when someone I love or care for hurts me. I just understand that we all are going through our own individual situations. Also, when someone hurts me I forgive right away for me because I need to in order for me TO BE ABLE to move forward with my spiritual walk. #notstagnant #4evergrowing

FastI’m fortunate enough and blessed enough to believe in a God that will deal with those who hurt his children.

#signedcontract #wisdom #blessGod

fact 2Fact #7
Thunder and lightning bring out a different side of me. The side I chose to suppress so I can continue to focus on my destiny and not the licentious behavior I once clung too.

This is the only time being vulnerable sucks for me. Lol

#tenderkisses #love #lust #life #laughter #liberation #passion

Fact #8
I posted these facts because I have accepted that God has a plan for my life and I’m going to see it through. During this journey I want people to understand that I am not perfect! There will be times where I stumble and fall. However the measure of my character and strength will be in how many times I  DON’T give up.

I #EMPOWER all of you to not give up. No matter how hard you may fall, push yourself to keep moving forward believing that the God of your understanding has his arms wrapped around you for support.

Is it hard? Yes.
Is it worth it? Yes.
How do I know it will be worth it? Because I believe and have faith as small as a mustard seed.

#hisrevelator #blessGod #overcoming

Written by: Christopher “Hys Ramblr” Wilson © 2014 

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