Are those few minutes of pleasure worth it? A quote without an author continues to find its way onto my Facebook news-feed. Tpower in sexhat quote being, “If you knew how powerful sex was you wouldn’t have it with everybody.”  For many years this writer battled with giving up that power to those who didn’t deserve me in that capacity or in general.

*Now before I continue I need for you to understand that what you are going to read will be a true to life account into some of what I had to go through to find the true meaning of pleasure.*

Years of searching for love in all the wrong places led me to bedrooms filled with deception, selfish lovers, feelings of emptiness at each ejaculatory experience.  It’s funny now looking back at who I was then. Especially now that I have a better grasp as to why I allowed myself to go down that road to destruction.  The pleasure I was seeking wasn’t physical, it was soo much deeper. You see what I was actively seeking was Love.

This writer believes that he was not and is not alone in this venture.
We as people are so quick to give into the easier things, like those few minutes of gratification that never really lead to complete satisfaction. Not wanting to put in the work to fight our internal demons; hanging each skeleton up in alphabetical order. Oh God! You readers are not with me right now.

That yearning for love blinded by his, her, their crooked daisy filled smile. Or was it the touch that got us weak in the knees willing us, pacifying us, and enabling our already scheduled program towards self-destruction. Take this not as a bash or me being shady. No, how about instead let us take this as a reflection of a writer who understands all too well the struggle to find the love of self.

I’ll ask again,  “Are those few minutes of pleasure worth it?”

As I sat here listening to Pretty Hurts by Beyonce, there is one line in particular that fits with the general theme of this entry: It’s the soul that needs surgery.  While this song is not referring to pleasure on a sexual level, the quote still fits. Fighting our internal gives leniency for our external to fall captive to meaninglessness pleasures of this world. In taking the road less traveled -the harder more extraneous route- we find our truths become no longer just a “to do”; they then join in the war within ourselves to find our love.  Our strength.  Our will to be happy.

The few seconds -its real-, minutes, or even hours of pleasure will never compete with joy one can have when on the road towards happiness. After all, don’t YOU enjoy real pleasure.

Written By:
© 08.07.2014 “The_Ramblr”


I am in no way certified to be a therapist or counselor.  These are just my thoughts and opinions.

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