Sexuality by Definition

my name is SEXUALITY,
or in your language,
blowing ya back out.
those of you who know me well
understand the true meaning & nature behind what I stand for.
strangers to the power i invoke refer to me as getting busy,
full back-shots and a quickie.
in essence, my name is

i receive my mail in the bedrooms of the broken-hearted,
in between the thighs of the misguided,
and within the loins of young lovers not yet ready to go to the next level.


i reside where a man and woman’s bodies connect as one
producing what some may call an ORGASMIC SERIES OF EVENTS.
i live within those who seek me out, instead of me away to the highest bidder.

catch me on a summer’s day
glissening down the breast or chest of the shortie you been touching yourself to these last few nights.
learn the ways in which I spark a flame within your soul
sending chills up your spine,
penetrating your mind
and teaching you how to own your sexy.

my good judies are condoms,
lubrication and ecstasy.
a simple kiss, a gentle touch, or an unwanted wink is what gets most in the mood.
these things help to make your
sensuality more safe and pleasurable.
my closest friends are desire,
temptation, seduction, and stimulation.

Written By:
© 08.08.2014 “The_Ramblr”


I am in no way certified to be a therapist or counselor.  These are just my thoughts and opinions.

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“This is a true confession of a life-learned lesson I was sent here to share with ya’ll.” -India Arie


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