2014 to 2015 Prayer

Father God I call upon you right now and in this moment asking that you reach your hand across my life with extensions to all of my friends, colleagues,  supporters, mentors, family members and those who I hold dear to my heart. For Father I know many people do not know who I am outside of what they see but I do know that people see the light you have bestowed upon me. Father God I ask these things in your name and Thank you for giving me 2014.

This year I have learned, gained, and found so much knowledge. I’m appreciative for the good and the bad bcuz without both I would not be the strong pangender pansexual identified young man of God that I am today. To you be the glory!!!

Continue to work with me on my walk guiding me through the highways and byways of this life feeding me with your enlightenment. As I go into 2015, I ask that you CONTINUE TO BE YOU TO ME.



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“This is a true confession of a life-learned lesson I was sent here to share with ya’ll.” -India Arie

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