My Drinking…My Problem

By: Christiawn Emmanuel | February 11, 2018 “Self-pity is spiritual suicide. It is an indefensible self-mutilation of the soul.” –Anthon St. Maarten Raise your hand if you have ever told yourself or had someone say to you that your drinking had gotten out of control.  Well gentle-people, if I could have both hands sky high … Continue reading My Drinking…My Problem



Today I have decided to create a living digital blog posting. Often times we create our blog posts, publish them with an occasional response to a comment from a reader and never return. Well this post shall be different in that I will begin with the most powerful affirmation I know and continue to add … Continue reading Ashe.Selah

No More

I'm shaking or is it that I'm shaken. Emotions overflowing. Mind is racing with thoughts of this, that him, her, them. I want to believe that 2014 isn't on repeat That this feeling of pain No not PAIN bcuz those poems have been written, signed, and sealed Sent certified mail to the those who thought … Continue reading No More

Taking Care of Self II

 On August 18, 2014, I posted, “I chose to begin taking Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis or PrEP as another way to take back control of my life.  As a man of color who is also same-gender-loving the odds are against me in quite a few ways.  Instead of allowing the world to get me, I’m taking a stand with … Continue reading Taking Care of Self II

From Chilly to Joyous

Today I had a conversation with a dear friend about how I stopped being cold on the inside as well as on the outside to others but most of all to myself.  I didn't know what I had done until I had to put it into words to share my experience. What you will read … Continue reading From Chilly to Joyous

2014 to 2015 Prayer

Father God I call upon you right now and in this moment asking that you reach your hand across my life with extensions to all of my friends, colleagues,  supporters, mentors, family members and those who I hold dear to my heart. For Father I know many people do not know who I am outside … Continue reading 2014 to 2015 Prayer

New Year’s Resolution “2015”

Just one #Resolution to sum up my 2015. Thanks for stopping by RAMBILITIES! "This is a true confession of a life-learned lesson I was sent here to share with ya'll." -India Arie

Taking Care of Self

Raise your hand if you have ever had sex unprotected?  No this isn't a trick question. Instead look at it as an eye opener. What if I told you that there was a new development in medicine that has been proven to prevent you from contracting HIV? Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis. **Breathe**.  What a mouth full.  Aye? … Continue reading Taking Care of Self

Pan-gender Pan-sexual reporting live…

I identify as a Pan-gender Pan-sexual. Pan-gender because I don’t identify as one gender or the other, instead I embody all of them. Pan-sexual because my attraction is not merely to one sex or the other; gender identity & gender expression are what really tickle my fancy. I'm a humble trail blazer who believes pan-sexuality … Continue reading Pan-gender Pan-sexual reporting live…

I Haven’t Always Smiled…

Fact #1 For most of my middle school years I was on the brink of committing suicide. From my identity issues to family  stress to just falling into a state of depression, at that point in my life death seemed like the more beneficial alternative. Fact #2 I #ENJOY women. Yes I did say enjoy. … Continue reading I Haven’t Always Smiled…