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Free To Be Me- I Am Not My Issues (Book Cover) 3 Free To Be Me: I Am Not My Issues By Dante Worth, is an inspirational  testimony that will  lift your spirit at every page, leaving you feeling  encouraged to be not only better but MORE.  Worth’s vulnerability throughout  this book draws the reader in from beginning to end. Each chapter giving an  insider view of how he overcame his shortcomings, obstacles, and hidden  frustrations to arise a VICTOR instead of a remaining a VICTIM to his issues.
“There are millions of identity thefts each year that go unreported because no  one will file a  report on themselves.” -an excerpt from Chapter 4 Esteem Issues:  The Struggle to Fit.  Worth goes on to explain that us not knowing our true  identity causes us to be distracted from living our purpose.  Stating that  society’s pressure on us to become someone we are not  brings many of us to a  place of depression, further disregarding our purpose. At the ending of  each  chapter, Worth gives examples and teachings of how to become greater than    your issues.  In the closing of this chapter, Worth says, “It was Jesus who said ‘I  come that you might have life, and that more abundantly.’ Even he wants you  to live, so be who you are and live. You are a SOMEBODY!”
This writer believes that the extrinsic value in this inspirational testimony can  move a nation or a soul that has been lost to self-victimization to say the very  least.  Personally, this testimonial has changed my life for the better.  While reading Free To Be Me: I Am Not My Issues, I began to check myself; finding that I too am not my issues.
I recommend this book to any & everyone who is in need of a shift in their spiritual walk with the God of their understanding.

To purchase this book or for speaking engagements please direct all questions to Dante Worth at

Also available on Amazon as an e-book.
Review by Christopher “The Ramblr” Wilson © 2014

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