Who is The_Ramblr?

I am lil brother, CoCo, mother, father, son, uncle, DeVonté, and the list goes on with my favorite being: Support System. Through this life I have been blessed with amazing downfalls that have created a strong vessel of hopes, dreams, & agape love. Yes, I embrace my downfalls as they have taught me more about myself than any good time could ever do.

As God would have it failed attempts at ending my life became my motivation for pushing forward through the pain. I got so low that all I could do was go up. Situations such as this one are the reason why I can say that one of my greatest accomplishment to date is having made it 10 years without an attempt at committing suicide. Today, I am proud to say that, “I’ll never be perfect, but at at least now I am brave.” (lyrics from Alicia Key’s song entitled Brand New Me). Brave enough to grind through the bad and the good times all the while allowing myself to learn more about who I am destined to be.

As you read through my writings I merely ask that you open your mind to the abnormal. I ask that you allow yourself to be a sponge to the information I bring to the light; all the while keeping in mind that I am a blogger and only give my opinions on the facts. Unless ofcourse we are discussing my personal experience because then my love bugs it is all tea, no shade.

What did you THINK OR FEEL while viewing this post?

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